60 Day Debt Reduction Challenge

One of my clients told me about this 60 Day Debt Reduction Challenge on August 10th. To show my support (and continue my own personal journey to debt freedom), I decided to walk side by side them on the journey 😱. I had a $30 “clothing emergency” on August 17th 🙈 but I’m back onContinue reading “60 Day Debt Reduction Challenge”

7 Ways to Earn Additional Income

  I have a few crazy philosophies: (1) You can receive an income from almost anything that is actionable; (2) We are NOT created equally because each of us have unique skill sets; and (3) If you have a hobby, you should get paid for it. Check out the seven (7) ways to earn additional income.Continue reading “7 Ways to Earn Additional Income”

More Money Could Mean More Problems

God blessed me with an amazing new job last summer with a salary increase. I thought to myself “I will surely be able to allocate more money to pay off my debt and add to my savings.” WRONG. However, this should have been the case ideally. I failed to factor in the increased cost ofContinue reading “More Money Could Mean More Problems”