60 Day Debt Reduction Challenge

One of my clients told me about this 60 Day Debt Reduction Challenge on August 10th. To show my support (and continue my own personal journey to debt freedom), I decided to walk side by side them on the journey 😱. I had a $30 “clothing emergency” on August 17th 🙈 but I’m back on track!

Updates +as of August 31st:
– Finger and toenails look pretty using Vivy Nail Services💅🏾
– Fast food, dining out, and fun spending is limited to $50/week. I’ve spent $30 for this week thus far
– Free from $1,500 credit card debt 🙌🏾!

Fingers crossed for the next 30 days…

But WAIT, your turn: I #FrugalFriday dare you to select at least one item from the list and #justdoit for the remaining days of the challenge 😜.

7 Ways to Earn Additional Income


I have a few crazy philosophies: (1) You can receive an income from almost anything that is actionable; (2) We are NOT created equally because each of us have unique skill sets; and (3) If you have a hobby, you should get paid for it.


Check out the seven (7) ways to earn additional income. I know at least one person that is successful under each way except for number three. If you know a great seamstress, send s/he my way!

One: Be a teacher or trainer. I heard somewhere that a personal teacher/trainer is one of the highest paying careers.

  • You can tutor a subject and/or college exam prep course. I currently tutor in the subjects of reading, writing, accounting, managerial accounting, organization, and business as an independent contractor to Varsity tutors.
  • Exam proctor. My sister is a school counselor in Ivory Coast, West Africa at an American school. On some Saturdays, she gets paid to “monitor” students taking their SAT exams for about 4 hours.
  • My brother was a basketball and football player throughout his primary and secondary school years. He currently coaches a basketball league in the neighborhood where we grew up during the summertime.
  • Zumba instructor. My friend is a natural born dancer. She also loves to exercise. Becoming a certified Zumba instructor allows her to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. Dance. Stay fit. Get paid.
  • If you know a second language, you can become a paid translator and/or teach the language at a community/recreation center, community college, or university. Try using Gengo, One Hour Translation, com, or visiting your local centers and colleges/universities.

Two: If you enjoy writing, the options are limitless here. You can become a writer. You can blog, write short stories, write articles for a newspaper or professional journal, and/or write speeches for others.

Three: Be a seamstress or tailor. I wish I knew a person within my close network that knows how to use the sewing machine. I would pay he/she to hem my skirts, dresses, and pants. The dry cleaners can be pricey.

Four: Be a sitter. If you like dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, or any other pet, you can charge a fee to pet sit. A good target market is individuals that travel because they would need this service the most. If you do not mind children, you can baby-sit them as well.

Five: Be an artist.

  • Decorate or re-decorate the room (s) of apartments, houses, or even office buildings. Maintain photos of your work and create a portfolio.
  • Create unique jewelry. I know many people that create hand-crafted jewelry to sell.
  • Create gift baskets. When I create gift baskets, I am able to locate all of the fancy gift wrapping materials from the dollar store. I also shred colored construction paper to create confetti.
  • Paint murals. My cousin has the gift to portray a vision on paper. Her artwork is incredible. You could auction your paintings or sell them as gifts.
  • Photography. If you have a real camera (not a mobile camera) and have an eye for angles, lighting, and photos, you can be paid for taking pictures during special celebrations.
  • Play an instrument or be a vocalist. If you play any strings, bass, or percussion instrument, you can be paid to perform at gigs such as banquets, weddings and other special celebrations. The same notion applies if you have the gift of serenading.
  • Hairdresser or barber. If you can style hair or perform haircuts and trims, you are golden. Most people in the world are concerned with grooming their hair. I used to do locks maintenance when I was in college. This funded my car gas expenses.

Six: Be a driver. In my fantasy world, I have a personal chauffeur. In reality, I have Uber and Lyft. If you have a car, and have a bit of extra time, become a driver.

My prayer: Lord, I pray that anyone who becomes an Uber or Lyft driver is familiar with their geographical area of service. Please protect me from those that are not. If you chose to assign a driver to me that is not familiar with the geographical area of service, give me the spirit of patience and wisdom on how to react when they get lost. =) #sincereprayer

Seven: Be a lender.

  • If you have the gift of hospitality, or you do not care if strangers stay at your home, you can rent out your place on Airbnb.
  • You can rent out your car on Turo (former RelayRides).
  • If you live near a ballpark or stadium, you can rent out your parking space during sporting events at an hourly rate.

#SmartSaturdays: Whatever you decide to do, consider the required resources such as time, money, and labor. Then, consider the short-term and long-term return and rewards. Finally, calculate if the return and reward outweighs the cost of the resources.

Additional Resources:

More Money Could Mean More Problems

God blessed me with an amazing new job last summer with a salary increase. I thought to myself “I will surely be able to allocate more money to pay off my debt and add to my savings.” WRONG. However, this should have been the case ideally. I failed to factor in the increased cost of my insurances and living expenses (due to new transitions).


Being in the red

As a result, I was spending money blindly and going downhill financially. I could not understand why I did not see this “increased monthly pay.” I had created an allusion without considering the new facts. I also was not monitoring my finances and updating my budget as often as I would normally. Therefore, the revelation that I was not being a good steward of my money was delayed. It took about three months (three months too long!) to realize the error of my ways. I quickly made the adjustment with a few sighs and squirms, and I see the difference.

I believe God continues to provide for my every need (and more) because I allow Him full access to my money (which is really HIS money). I ask God to grant me wisdom on how to spend the money that HE has entrusted me with EACH time I pay a tithe or give an offering. Upcoming post on the significance of tithing (I know, T-word)!Continue reading “More Money Could Mean More Problems”

How to Make Your Money Stretch

Have you ever looked at your bank account balance with regret? Have you ever wondered “Where did all of my money go? I just got paid yesterday” or “Geez, I will not get the next refund check until a few months from now!”

Continue reading “How to Make Your Money Stretch”

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