Vivy, that’s me!

I LOVE to eat, sleep, travel, eat, exercise, read, and eat. I enjoy binge watching movies, reading countless articles on personal finances, and sobbing my heart out to authentic worship music (Contemporary Christian Music, despite its Country music style, is my favorite). I appreciate my Cameroonian roots and wish to learn about ALL of the cultures in the world! Who wants to come travel with me?

After experiencing one too many financial binds, I decided to take control of my own finances. Although I know that God supplies all of my needs, does that mean that I should live solely by faith even when I can become more financially savvy by using common sense and applying practical tips? I don’t want to try to make a $1 out of 15 cents for the rest of my life! Did I mention that “frugal” should be my middle name?

I would love for us to walk together, side by side, as we embark on this empowering and transparent journey!

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