What We Do

Personal Financial Account Management

We have different sizes of boxes available for various appetites, from individuals to families.

Small Business Tax Preparation

We produce organic vegetable boxes that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible.

Who is Vivy Motivates?

After experiencing one too many financial binds, she decided to take control of her own finances. Although she knows that God supplies all of her needs, does that mean that she should live solely by faith even when she can become more financially savvy by using common sense and applying practical tips? She doesn’t want to try to make a $1 out of 15 cents for the rest of her life!

Did she mention that “frugal” should be her middle name? She’d love for you to walk together, side by side, as you all embark on this empowering and transparent journey!

Financial Resources

Financial Spreadsheet Templates

What do people say about Vivy Motivates?


“Excellent Service”

Their service is brilliant! I really hope some of them are now using your service.



“Love the flexibility”

We are very happy with the box and we value that we can have the standard box or choose our own.



“Fantastic quality”

I’m really appreciating the quality and presentation. The flavour of the veg is outstanding.


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